Friday, August 7, 2009

Sweet heat

Sweat beads careen along my body like wet diamonds
It's getting hard to distinguish these clothes from my skin
I imagine myself melting
Staining 90 degree concrete with chocolate puddles of my being
The Georgia heat weighing me down like unconfessed sins and grudges held too long
I am still struggling to master the art of forgiveness and
Apparently this heat is much like me cause it is facing the same dilemma

But the heat does forgive.
It is forced to surrender to the cool that night brings just as I surrender to the serenity granted by God
And yet I still melt. Cause although the sun is gone I am still in the presence of heat.


Sweet heat like spicy barbecue or candied Mexican chiles
She simmers and Draws me in like flowers attract bees with the desire to pollinate

I told her:
I want something sweet that won't leave me wanting something else.

She said:
Have me.

I wonder if I sink my teeth into her would she burst in my mouth like ripe green grapes Overwhelming my taste buds with her sweetness
Or would she burst into flames
Causing me to spontaneously combust

She leaves trails on my skin
Luring me to touch a stove that I know is hot
Willing to get burned if that's what it takes to get close

Its getting hard to distinguish her skin from mine
Her sweat from mine
But her sweetness is unmistakable
I wish I could inject her into my veins like insulin but if I could I'd probably overheat
Cause her sweet and her heat are a package deal
This fire emanates off of her turning my chocolate self into hot cocoa
And we blend into some concoction not offered at Starbucks.

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  1. I likeee...-thinking to self* I wonder if I can get it at Dunkin Donuts? hmmm...

  2. hmm for some reason this has me craving peach cobbler with ice cream on top. the perfect blend of peach center full of sweet goodness surounded by the sweet but tamed crust hiding it intention topped with liquid ice to kool the senation and hunger for more making every but count lmao. i diggs it i diggs it alot King Me

  3. So much vivid imagery. Chocolate puddles, flames and combustion, sexy sweet heat...indeed this has done things to me. I enjoyed reading this. I think it should be read aloud.