Thursday, August 6, 2009

about Tuesday- going to the DMV and shit

I am a crayon in a Crayola box filled with different shades of the same color I see this rainbow of brown and wonder where the pot of gold is. Then I think about colors blending, creating new and sometimes unexpected hues Mi amor I look forward to creating new hues with you I'm trying to decide if I like the process of blending more than the end result There I go again drifting off into dream land I realize there is more glaze on my fingers than on the pretzel I'm eating I should have chosen the Jamaican patty anyway I glance at this thing I ventured out so far for Proof of my existence Permission to do legally what I had been doing for years And that was my day. Traveling in hot humidity just to wait anxiously for a card with my picture on it. I realized that the last thing on my list was not accomplished. Damn.

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