Sunday, January 3, 2016


Clothes become acquainted with the floor
Leaving skin exposed
Nothing remaining but vulnerability as lingerie
Accessorized with trust
The offering
Brown and beautiful
Awaiting my command
Stay in this state so I can take you in
Save several versions of you in my memory
Before we proceed
Close your eyes
Remember how you feel in this moment
You will never feel, never be, the same again

Every square inch my territory
My home
Let me in
Come every time I enter
Plead with me to stay
Beg me to go just to come again
Arrivals, departures
Destination my decision

I want you here.
Present and accounted for

Delirious from clarity
Delicious in captivity
Pour you into me
You are mine to drink
Mine to ravish and relish in
Mine to stain and brand
Bind, bend, bite
Fuck, grip
Have, hold.


I really don't mean to sound predatory when I say I want to devour you.

I just want to swim in you
Be immersed in your nectar
Drunk and high and delirious

Instead, maybe I should say that I want to drink you.

You make me ravenous
The more I get, the more I want
Tensing, tingling
Warmth resonating through my body at the mere thought of putting my mouth on you

This is what thirst is.

And your moans and sighs just keep encouraging me to return to your well
You beg for me to drink

I wonder if this thirst will ever be quenched,
Or if I'm stuck constantly wanting and craving and yearning to taste

It really isn't fair for you to taste like that.

I feel like an alcoholic
Craving the wetness
the trembling
the dirty affirmations
the praise filled orgasms

You rain for me instantly
Making me feel like I am magic
Like I'm connected to native ancestors
Like I'm an agent of nature
Dancing tongue summoning showers
Pulsing thunder
Lightning moans and
Steady rain.

10.25.15 "Come."

I've been waiting for your arrival ever since your departure
Making preparations sparked by anticipation
Domestic duties complete
Cue music, check the clock
Wash away everything except thoughts of you
Cover myself in desire, silk, lace
Fighting the urge to check the time once again
Ice cubes leave my fingers and settle into glass, followed by spirits
Careful sips to calm nerves without disturbing lipstick
Impatiently waiting for you.

The familiar sound of steel toe boots on concrete steps signals me to
Open the door before you can unlock it
And there you are, key in hand
I wrap my arms around you, pull you inside
Push the door closed, drop bags
Take your coat, toss it aside
Lead you to the closest chair, hand you a drink

It is difficult to watch you raise that glass to your lips
Knowing that I want to take its place
Envious of that surface because your hand is wrapped around it instead of me.

And just as quickly as you put it down, I am on you
Straddling your lap, leaning so that our lips can meet for the millionth time
Kissing you has been at the forefront of my mind
I bite your bottom lip
You tease me with your tongue
My body immediately responds to this contact and I
Grab your hand so that you can feel how much I've missed you


Causing you to be inside me instantly
Instinctively tightening up around you
Hips rotating to ride you
Biting your shoulder in disbelief at how deep you are
Involuntarily moaning from the sensation

I feel like an addict
Exhaling after that first hit
Sinking into you as your fingers command and I obey
Leaving lipstick prints on your neck and jaw
Pants and panties hastily discarded so that
I can feel your body's response to this chemistry

You feel perfect against me

So immersed in each other that we are nothing but wetness
Trembling from the sheer force of this connection
I've been waiting for you, for this
Trying to hold back but you just keep melting into me
Gripping my flesh
Grinding against me
Guiding me closer and closer to orgasm
Reminding me that my climax belongs to you

My back arches
Thighs tremble as your name repeatedly escapes my lips
I feel you press harder against me
Throbbing simultaneously
Heartbeats merging
Nails sinking into skin
Curses resounding
Passion personified
I feel you coming for me, on me
Your orgasm beginning right at the peak of mine because
When you come home
I come for you
And you are quick to follow.

10.25.15 "That Look"

Eyes low
Afraid of drowning in that gaze
Because you always submerge me
Leaving me with clothes sticking to each contour and curve of my body
Uninhibited by life jacket or flotation device
Soaked and see through for your viewing pleasure
Dripping with secrets that roll down my skin
It is your desire that I'm drenched in
Touch me and
Watch your fingers wrinkle up at the feel of you.


I want to disappear in you
Merge into this moment and
Get so close that we are indistinguishable from the music filling the space around us
Until our movements match in rhythm and
Our voices blend into one tone
So lost in us that we are nowhere to be found
Searching to figure out which verses belong to you and which are mine
Heartbeats and clits throbbing in sync
Pulsating melody and moaning lyrics
Nails leaving evidence of written music all over neck, back, shoulders
Thighs trembling in response to the bass in your whispers

Our song is stuck in our heads and seared into our flesh
Playing over and over
We still haven't grown tired of it
The beat drops along with clothes and
Here we go again
Lyrics intertwining
Moans mingling with melody
Turning each other up
Volume and depth increase
Feel this replay in our foreplay
Not sure where this music begins and ends
Breathless ad libs in quivering vibrato
Orgasmic harmony on repeat.

10.18.15 "Embrace"

The thing about clothes is that
They do nothing to suppress the heat that
Warms my body from the contact with yours
Arms around neck
Chest to chest connect
Hands placed on waist
Fire at each point of contact

You hold me close
and linger
Squeezing me tighter than you ever have before and
Letting your hands slide just a little lower

Are you trying to make me hot?

I am molten at my core
Transforming from solid state to liquid under your fingertips
Sinking into your skin until you are hot by association

What type of fiery chemistry is this?
I can't remain the same when I am in your arms, touched by your hands
I literally become a hot mess
Melting all over you.


You're ingrained on my brain like lyrics
Poetry etch-a-sketched on insides of eyelids
I think you, see you with my eyes closed
I remember the sound of you
Playing on my eardrums with the timbre of your voice
I rhythmically respond from a place deeper than I'm willing to admit
I feel you in my hips, my back, my thighs

You always do this.
Entreating me to dance for you
Summoning me with a look that makes me tingle in my very center

So much is said with minimal words and
Even more is expressed in the instrumental
Eyes and lips heavy from weight carried by loaded glances
How long have we been holding each other
In fingertips and tongues
Filled with words yet to be written and lines without time signatures
I hum you into a lullaby
You rap me into bars
It is us in this verse
Between layers of harmony and ad libs
Bass heartbeat and
Trembling vibrato.