Thursday, April 3, 2014


I want to melt into you
Permeate you with this passion that never stopped throbbing for you
Red hot
I am warm to the touch with
Desire that could spark fires and
All I want to do is ignite you so that you can
Personify those fireworks that you set off in me
Sparklers and rockets I am
Bursting at the seams
Be my sky and I will light you
We can
Burn and glow like embers
Turn to ash and resurrect like phoenix rebirth
And we are new
Cleansed in the combination of our faults and redeemed by our flaws
We are baptised in fire
Passion, born again.


I am
Overwhelmed by the desire to serve you
With fingertips
With tongue
With flesh
My lap as your throne
My face as your throne
My body as your kingdom
I bow before you
Play for your pleasure
Court you where your flesh is flushed and warm
Your eyes
Your hands
Your lips
Your tongue
All beckoning me
To serve.

Love Me Loud

I want to be kissed
In love
Looked at with love
Craved from love
Desire me lovingly
Need me spiritually
Touch me infinitely
I want to feel you
Loving me
Deep in that place where torso meets center
I want to be handled
Firmly and tenderly
Look into my eyes and tell me you've been needing me
Missing me
Tell me you've been craving me
Mean it
Put your hands around my waist
Pull me close
Wrap your arms around my neck
Trust me with your femininity
Kiss me on forehead
Lobe of ear
Breathe your secrets into me
Tell me I've been your dream
Your nightmare
You've been afraid to love me
Speak to me
Run your fingers across the texture of me and tell me what my skin is saying to you
Read me out loud
Scream me
From the depths of your lungs
Where I've been residing for centuries
Feel me
Remember me
I have been here all along
Waiting for you
Wanting you
To kiss me in love and
Look at me with love and
Crave me from love and
Love me
With your voice.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


when did it become a crime to feel
emotions have been discarded like toxic waste
no warmth remains
in this Ice Age
feelings are the enemy and must be avoided at all costs
we clothe ourselves in layers of
sarcasm and nonchalance
no emotions coursing through our veins to remind us of our humanity
we are The Walking Dead
looking for love but striving to feel nothing
we abhor vulnerability
and view caring as weakness
emotions were badges of honor
now they are scarlet letters
and we play emotional dodgeball
to avoid catching Feelings.