Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Excited about fasting?!?!?!?

Yes, it's true. I'm excited about fasting for Lent. Maybe I won't be as excited 20 days from now lol, but right now I am pretty excited about it. 2010 has gotten off to a great start, and I am thankful to God for that. I am in need of spiritual renewal, and I just want to show my appreciation to Him/Her by abstaining from the things that I often take for granted. For me, fasting is about letting go of unimportant indulgences in exchamge for spiritual/emotional/mental abundance. I feel like that's something to be excited about :)

I will be abstaining from meat, dairy, swets, and alcohol. I thing that I am going to start by abstaining from meat and dairy, then each week eliminate something else. The week leading up to Easter (and my birthday!) I will abstain from everything except for water, fruit, vegetables, and beans/nuts. That means no meat, no sweets, no alcohol, no dairy. I am considering abstaining from sex as well. Most likely, I will decide to not have sex during those last two weeks leading up to Easter. This is going to be challenging, but I look forward to the rewards of it. I am sure my body will benefit from this. What is most important to me about fasting is that I am giving up my reliance on STUFF and shifting that reliance to God. THAT is exciting. I will keep you gys posted on my fast.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brief hiatus...

In the process of relocating...haven't had much time to blog. My free time is spent looking for furniture, or most recently, a moving truck. That in addition to doing homework on the computer and I can't stand to look at the screen anymore...I will return to the world of blogging soon. Until then, hope you miss me! :) I have a hair update that is long overdue...I haven't even done my 3 month update, and I'm getting closer and closer to 4 months...smh.