Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Excited about fasting?!?!?!?

Yes, it's true. I'm excited about fasting for Lent. Maybe I won't be as excited 20 days from now lol, but right now I am pretty excited about it. 2010 has gotten off to a great start, and I am thankful to God for that. I am in need of spiritual renewal, and I just want to show my appreciation to Him/Her by abstaining from the things that I often take for granted. For me, fasting is about letting go of unimportant indulgences in exchamge for spiritual/emotional/mental abundance. I feel like that's something to be excited about :)

I will be abstaining from meat, dairy, swets, and alcohol. I thing that I am going to start by abstaining from meat and dairy, then each week eliminate something else. The week leading up to Easter (and my birthday!) I will abstain from everything except for water, fruit, vegetables, and beans/nuts. That means no meat, no sweets, no alcohol, no dairy. I am considering abstaining from sex as well. Most likely, I will decide to not have sex during those last two weeks leading up to Easter. This is going to be challenging, but I look forward to the rewards of it. I am sure my body will benefit from this. What is most important to me about fasting is that I am giving up my reliance on STUFF and shifting that reliance to God. THAT is exciting. I will keep you gys posted on my fast.

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