Friday, September 28, 2012

In the Valley

It's raining again
Down in this valley
Framed by hips and
Flesh dewy with mist that
Scattered thunderstorms left behind
The weather is always tropical here


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

hand holding

I want to hold your hand
fingers laced
or sometimes
palms cupping one another
hands connecting in the ways that
lovers' bodies do.

Monday, September 24, 2012

love letter

i am
writing you this letter in the hopes that you
recognize my handwriting from the notes i passed you when we were in middle school
three eternities ago
pubescent passion evident in pen's haste
entreating you to choose 'yes' or 'no'
impatiently waiting for the note to return with
a small check mark signifying mutual emotion

do you remember when

two eons ago, i
left slips of paper on the pillows of our marriage bed
miniature written accounts of how you had appeared to me in my dreams
little pieces of poetry, just for you

and last lifetime
around this time of year
we sat underneath our favorite tree that
we had branded with our initials ages before
i asked you to marry me by
pressing a handwritten proposal against your palms
mouth too shy to say the words and
fingers too honest to hide the truth

i think my hands loved you first
professing their adoration in every dotted 'i', every curved 'u'
our history documented in hieroglyphic print
read these words and know that they were written in love
see us in each and every letter
as we were, as we are
and as we will be.

Friday, September 21, 2012


when this world ends, I
want to be with you so we can
walk hand in hand into the next eternity
i've waited so long for you and
now that we've found one another
i don't want to spend another eon searching

next lifetime around
i want to live every single moment


but, while we're here
we may as well smooth out the kinks
in preparation for the next time that
we get to love one another

Practice makes perfect.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


.my heart is used against me.
.it is loaded then.
.ripped out of my chest.
.pointed at me.
.heartstringtrigger pulled.
.declarations of love shot at me with.
.barrel as a conduit.
.hollow tipped insecurities.
.angrily aimed at me.
.each one.
.ripping through my flesh.
.round after round.
.emptied into my ribcage.
.my body riddled with.
.metallic reminders of my empathy.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

In My Heart

Did it hurt?

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven and
Landed in my heart
With a soft yet resounding
Making my heart rate speed up and my
Blood vessels contract to accommodate you
I inhale
Making sure to take in more than enough air
So that the oxygen travels through my bloodstream and
Sustains you as well as me

My pulse is a constant reminder of your presence

You experience me from the inside out
Feeling my emotions as they course through my veins
My cheeks flush, colored by your existence
And when I am excited
It is you who rushes between my thighs
Making me warm with arousal
Eyes low from being high off of you

I place my hand over my heart and
Feel you in the beat
I promise to take good care of me because
I don't want to hurt myself and
Risk losing one drop of you.

Friday, September 14, 2012


You are the rose that managed to grow
From soil riddled with adversity

Feel the raindrops fall on your petals
Feel the wind scatter your pollen
Your essence is in the breeze

Gorgeous flower
Armored in thorns
You cannot be touched without leaving your mark 

Prick them if they attempt to uproot you
Make them bleed for you

You cannot be plucked.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brown Ale

Brown ale
My habit forming with each sip
You taste like addiction and
I do not wish to recover
I drink brazenly
Unashamed of this daze
That I've been in for days
You are refreshing
Neither too stout nor too pale
My delicious amber ale
I savor you
Pour you in a glass so I can see you, transparent
Drink you from the bottle so I can taste you, natural
Have you on draft so I can enjoy you straight from the source
I consume you
Allow you to rest on my palate before swallowing
Your warmth spreads through me then settles in my belly
The concept of thirst becomes foreign to me
I feel like you taste
You must be the
Energy drink of champions and the
Nectar of gods
I can't help but drink another round
Divinely intoxicated

Friday, September 7, 2012

out of the box

take off the labels like taking off clothes
strip away the boxes and a woman is what's left exposed
and because I am blessed with versatility
my mission is to please all facets of your sexuality
my goal is to make sure that you always remember me
i want to be committed to your body.mind.soul's memory
on my back, on your side, on your face, on my knees
no matter the position i will ensure that you are pleased
i can be aggressive, have you give in to my demands
i can be submissive, your every wish is my command
i can be flexible, responding to your diverse needs
i can be whatever it takes to fulfill your fantasies
no box or category can define my passion for you
branding you with love is the only labeling i wish to do
shower you in adoration with my actions and
my words
treat my woman like a woman because that's what you deserve.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

having an artist as a muse

i am
inspired faster than I can create like
second orgasm approach before first arrives and you just

i am exhausted.

but the stimulation continues and I am powerless to stop it
when I think I can't possibly get any higher

you write.

words that touch me from the inside out
filling me
feeling me

here I come again.

fingertips wet with your words and
poetry warm between my thighs
i am intimately explored in each letter you pen and
reading your work feels masturbatory because

surely, only I can know me so deeply…

but there you are.

articulating my thoughts as they form
uncovering my secrets by exposing yours and
disproving my assumed solitude

apparently this body.heart.mind.soul is not mine alone.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love quote

"Loving you is easy. Telling you is difficult. Showing you is all that counts." - Jhavia Nicole & Regina Brown

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Lips, warm from love clinging to them, press against even warmer flesh
Breath combines
Fingers touch palms touch elbows
Arms wrap around torsos and
grip sides
Teeth and tongues merge
Mouths kiss soles of feet and
backs of knees
Eyes look
Legs intertwine
Thighs tremble
Chests connect and
Share heartbeat
Backs arch
Nails graze skin
Hands caress and explore
Bodies pulsate in praise
Souls reacquaint while
Bodies achieve osmosis
Plural becomes singular
One collides into itself and
Fear shatters into
a thousand beautiful pieces
No in between exists
Beginning and end are same
This is eros and agape

If you love someone...

I agree with this statement. However, I think that it's often easier said than done. We live in a society where the words "I love you" have so little yet so much value. There's this unwritten yet widely accepted social rule that "I love you" is reserved for family and romantic interests. To some people, it is even taboo to say those words to a friend. It's like "I love you" is a gift that only the people in the VIP section can get, and you have to have a special membership card to even be allowed in that section. On the flip side, when it comes to romantic relationships, the words "I love you" are LOADED. Sometimes, they are perfunctory, tossed around without much thought. Or, they are withheld (or expressed) as a means of emotional manipulation. And sometimes, they are spoken out of obligation, without the actual feelings to back them up.

I think that if you love someone, you should tell them. Just be sure that you mean what you genuine and authentic. Try not to tell them from a place of obligation or manipulation. Express love without expectation. I love you...not because I expect something from you, but because I just do. I love because I am; I exist, therefore I love. To me, that's what all encompassing love, agape, is all about.


I am in the middle of loving you
from the beginning
I have been searching for you
I love you before I see you
And now
There you are manifested
I feel you loving me
Through me
My passion for you strong
Like heartbeat
You coursing through my veins
Like blood
Like life
I dream of you
Create you from mental rib
my Eve
I feel you in chest, in mind
Familiar stranger
I know you
Feel you
Am you
Remember us?

Remember us
Our initial existence
Our first steps taken
Our spirits connected
The breath you take before each sound you generate
I love you in that &
I feel you
Loving me in your lungs
We have always been one
Housed in two vessels
You overflow
I am that
I runneth over
That you are
Feel us loving we

Palm Reader

I realize that the
Lines on my palms are merely halves of poems that you
Immortalized on my hands when we first met
Around this time two eternities ago
The lines are completed on your palms
Hands marked with couplets so that
Fingers intertwined create stanzas

My locs are just growing...

My 3 year loc anniversary is swiftly's on October 31st. I can't wait to look back at old pictures and see how far my babies have come :)

Time flies...

It has been quite a while since I've posted on here...and my how times have changed.

I need to start posting my poetry again.