Friday, September 7, 2012

out of the box

take off the labels like taking off clothes
strip away the boxes and a woman is what's left exposed
and because I am blessed with versatility
my mission is to please all facets of your sexuality
my goal is to make sure that you always remember me
i want to be committed to your body.mind.soul's memory
on my back, on your side, on your face, on my knees
no matter the position i will ensure that you are pleased
i can be aggressive, have you give in to my demands
i can be submissive, your every wish is my command
i can be flexible, responding to your diverse needs
i can be whatever it takes to fulfill your fantasies
no box or category can define my passion for you
branding you with love is the only labeling i wish to do
shower you in adoration with my actions and
my words
treat my woman like a woman because that's what you deserve.

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