Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brown Ale

Brown ale
My habit forming with each sip
You taste like addiction and
I do not wish to recover
I drink brazenly
Unashamed of this daze
That I've been in for days
You are refreshing
Neither too stout nor too pale
My delicious amber ale
I savor you
Pour you in a glass so I can see you, transparent
Drink you from the bottle so I can taste you, natural
Have you on draft so I can enjoy you straight from the source
I consume you
Allow you to rest on my palate before swallowing
Your warmth spreads through me then settles in my belly
The concept of thirst becomes foreign to me
I feel like you taste
You must be the
Energy drink of champions and the
Nectar of gods
I can't help but drink another round
Divinely intoxicated

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