Sunday, January 3, 2016


You're ingrained on my brain like lyrics
Poetry etch-a-sketched on insides of eyelids
I think you, see you with my eyes closed
I remember the sound of you
Playing on my eardrums with the timbre of your voice
I rhythmically respond from a place deeper than I'm willing to admit
I feel you in my hips, my back, my thighs

You always do this.
Entreating me to dance for you
Summoning me with a look that makes me tingle in my very center

So much is said with minimal words and
Even more is expressed in the instrumental
Eyes and lips heavy from weight carried by loaded glances
How long have we been holding each other
In fingertips and tongues
Filled with words yet to be written and lines without time signatures
I hum you into a lullaby
You rap me into bars
It is us in this verse
Between layers of harmony and ad libs
Bass heartbeat and
Trembling vibrato.

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