Sunday, January 3, 2016

10.25.15 "Come."

I've been waiting for your arrival ever since your departure
Making preparations sparked by anticipation
Domestic duties complete
Cue music, check the clock
Wash away everything except thoughts of you
Cover myself in desire, silk, lace
Fighting the urge to check the time once again
Ice cubes leave my fingers and settle into glass, followed by spirits
Careful sips to calm nerves without disturbing lipstick
Impatiently waiting for you.

The familiar sound of steel toe boots on concrete steps signals me to
Open the door before you can unlock it
And there you are, key in hand
I wrap my arms around you, pull you inside
Push the door closed, drop bags
Take your coat, toss it aside
Lead you to the closest chair, hand you a drink

It is difficult to watch you raise that glass to your lips
Knowing that I want to take its place
Envious of that surface because your hand is wrapped around it instead of me.

And just as quickly as you put it down, I am on you
Straddling your lap, leaning so that our lips can meet for the millionth time
Kissing you has been at the forefront of my mind
I bite your bottom lip
You tease me with your tongue
My body immediately responds to this contact and I
Grab your hand so that you can feel how much I've missed you


Causing you to be inside me instantly
Instinctively tightening up around you
Hips rotating to ride you
Biting your shoulder in disbelief at how deep you are
Involuntarily moaning from the sensation

I feel like an addict
Exhaling after that first hit
Sinking into you as your fingers command and I obey
Leaving lipstick prints on your neck and jaw
Pants and panties hastily discarded so that
I can feel your body's response to this chemistry

You feel perfect against me

So immersed in each other that we are nothing but wetness
Trembling from the sheer force of this connection
I've been waiting for you, for this
Trying to hold back but you just keep melting into me
Gripping my flesh
Grinding against me
Guiding me closer and closer to orgasm
Reminding me that my climax belongs to you

My back arches
Thighs tremble as your name repeatedly escapes my lips
I feel you press harder against me
Throbbing simultaneously
Heartbeats merging
Nails sinking into skin
Curses resounding
Passion personified
I feel you coming for me, on me
Your orgasm beginning right at the peak of mine because
When you come home
I come for you
And you are quick to follow.

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