Sunday, January 3, 2016


I want to disappear in you
Merge into this moment and
Get so close that we are indistinguishable from the music filling the space around us
Until our movements match in rhythm and
Our voices blend into one tone
So lost in us that we are nowhere to be found
Searching to figure out which verses belong to you and which are mine
Heartbeats and clits throbbing in sync
Pulsating melody and moaning lyrics
Nails leaving evidence of written music all over neck, back, shoulders
Thighs trembling in response to the bass in your whispers

Our song is stuck in our heads and seared into our flesh
Playing over and over
We still haven't grown tired of it
The beat drops along with clothes and
Here we go again
Lyrics intertwining
Moans mingling with melody
Turning each other up
Volume and depth increase
Feel this replay in our foreplay
Not sure where this music begins and ends
Breathless ad libs in quivering vibrato
Orgasmic harmony on repeat.

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