Sunday, January 3, 2016


I really don't mean to sound predatory when I say I want to devour you.

I just want to swim in you
Be immersed in your nectar
Drunk and high and delirious

Instead, maybe I should say that I want to drink you.

You make me ravenous
The more I get, the more I want
Tensing, tingling
Warmth resonating through my body at the mere thought of putting my mouth on you

This is what thirst is.

And your moans and sighs just keep encouraging me to return to your well
You beg for me to drink

I wonder if this thirst will ever be quenched,
Or if I'm stuck constantly wanting and craving and yearning to taste

It really isn't fair for you to taste like that.

I feel like an alcoholic
Craving the wetness
the trembling
the dirty affirmations
the praise filled orgasms

You rain for me instantly
Making me feel like I am magic
Like I'm connected to native ancestors
Like I'm an agent of nature
Dancing tongue summoning showers
Pulsing thunder
Lightning moans and
Steady rain.

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