Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gotta love that coconut oil!

So I'm sitting here eating this lovely toast when I decide I should start writing about the many ways I use coconut oil. We bought the jar on Sunday. We put about one third of the oil in a container for us to use on our hair and body, and the rest is in the kitchen. Since we purchased the coconut oil, here is what I have done with it: *Put it in my hair, and used it as a moisturizer for my skin, either by itself or with Shea butter and/or Aloe *Used it as cooking oil (instead of butter or vegetable oil) *Used it as a massage oil to rub down my boo ;) *Spread it on toast *Put a tablespoon of it in my oatmeal or cereal Today I am making curry vegetables and brown rice, so I'm gonna use the coconut oil as my only oil source. I'm obviously excited about this stuff.

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