Tuesday, August 4, 2009

make some noise if you wanna be my replacement...

...ID. That's why I was at the damn mall so long. I waited in line at the DMV for over an hour just to get a number and wait for them to call me. Ugh. I didn't know I had to take a new picture for a replacement ID. I look fucking horrible. Like no one loves me. Its a hot ass mess. I'm hungry. And thirsty. But at least I can go places now that I have my damn ID again. It feels good on this train. I should be writing poetry instead of this. I need to step my game up. I am about to attempt to write a poem.

1 comment:

  1. You are so silly wife. You are lovely. And everyone with sense loves you. Glad you got your ID. You will need it to bail me out of jail lol.
    And the hungry and thirsty, was like that all day until about 8pm. i ate a grilled cheese sandwich, eggs, and of all things, black eyed peas lol
    -MoonBeam bka PHG!