Monday, August 17, 2009

Places I Love: Vitamin Shoppe

Fuck GNC. That's right I said it. Cause the shop with two P's and an E is one of my new favorite places. We weren't even supposed to be going in there. Then we remembered seeing online that they had coconut oil, so we decided to stop by. Oh they had coconut oil alright. 100% Extra virgin unrefined coconut oil. We got a 29oz.jar for about $16. They also had other things we had been looking for: Hemp seeds(I'll blog about those later), essential oils, multivitamins, Burt's Bees products(and they're cheaper than they were in any other place I looked!), the list goes on. Meghan bought some aloe juice/gel, as well as multivitamins. We are transitioning. We are on a mission to eliminate processed things and replace them with more natural products. Its better for our health as well as the environment. I'm excited about being healthier inside and out.

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  1. Congratulations on going natural. It is an awesome journey and a great way to learn more about all of these natural products.

    I feel you on the price of natural products, but then again a moisturizer containing Shea has such an insignificant amount and it won't work nearly as well.When you get the real stuff you'll see that you use less and it lasts an extra long time. Don't get me started on natural products. I love them!

    Again congratulations and the new hair.