Monday, August 24, 2009

My trusty twist outs can't be trusted anymore

I haven't been happy with my twist outs lately. In the past, I would blow my hair out and then twist it, but since I have been attempting to take better care of my hair I haven't used heat on it. I hate blow drying my hair anyway. Anyway, I decided to do a bantu knot out instead. I will see how I like it when I take it down. I am trying hard to be patient with my hair. Almost every day I think about locking it, but I know that deep down I really want to accomplish this super fro mission. I do still see myself with locs down to my waist one day though. Meghan wants to take me to the barbershop to get a shape up. I'm not opposed to that; actually I kinds want to do that cause I feel like my hair doesn't make a statement and I would really like for it to have a nice shape. But I'm picky about my hair. I'm the only person who does my hair. Plus, I would have to blow out my hair to ensure that it gets cut into the shape I want, but I don't wanna put heat on my hair. We shall see what happens.

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