Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am investing in my hair. I am investing in my body. I am investing in my relationship. I am investing in my future. *Hair- I went natural about 5 years ago. Although I no longer perm or dye my hair, having natural hair includes more than that to me now that I'm older. So now, not only is my hair chemical free, I also use 100% natural products on it (coconut oil, Shea butter, Aloe Vera gel, glycerine, essential oils, etc.) *Body- I realize that although I have not permed my hair in years, my transition from relaxed to natural is far from complete. It includes my body. I am no longer relaxed and nonchalant about the things I put into my body. All of me deserves all natural nourishment. If I am what I eat, then what I eat should be clean, healthy, natural, organic, unprocessed and full of nutrients. I want my exterior to be a reflection of my interior. *Relationship- I love my woman in a way that I have never loved another. It is beyond my comprehension. It is overwhelming. It is deeply spiritual; it is passionate; it is intellectual, emotional. And physical. She is a sound investment. And just like with stocks, she comes with risks because no one knows what's to come but God. But I am willing to show her that I have faith in her as well as us. I will invest with her and in her financially, as well as in every other way possible. I will compromise with her for the greater good of our relationship, which in turn will make us better individuals. *Future- I am in college to get one step closer to my goal of becoming a teacher, among other things. I am definitely taking advantage of opportunities that may be beneficial to me professionally, socially, mentally, and/or spiritually. I am not doing these things on my own. All I can do is follow God's plan for me. And I am. I stopped being stubborn and accepted what God had been guiding me to do. I asked for guidance and that is exactly what I got. Be careful what you wish for- cause God will damn sure provide it ;) The combination of these things is the ultimate investment. I'm trusting myself. I am investing in my overall well being.

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