Sunday, September 20, 2009

Does length really matter?

As much as I love natural hair blogs and sites, today I am annoyed. I
was reading this blog, and the blogger mentioned APL. Now this was
like the 10th time I have seen that acronym, but I didn't know its
meaning. Every time I see it I think: what the hell does THAT mean???
So I eventually found it through Google and it means ARM PIT LENGTH.
WTF? All these acronyms are annoying me. Bsl for bra strap length, twa
for teeny weeny afro, the list goes on. I mean I get it, but it kinda
bugs me that there is like an acronym for every hair length
What's the big deal about hair length? It's seems like length is more
important than health. It's not like I never wanted long hair, cause I
did. But once I realized the maintenance it would entail, I began
consistently cutting my hair to keep it at this medium length that I
often complain about. Now I'm not as concerned about the length of my
hair. I'm just glad that it's the healthiest that it's been in years,
and its so soft that I want to touch it all the time and not put weave
in it. And the best thing is: I don't have a dandruff problem anymore.
My head doesn't itch as much, my scalp feels clean. I started using
all natural stuff on my hair (coconut oil, glycerin, Shea butter, aloe
gel, essential and carrier oils, and WATER) and the dandruff POOF!
Anyway I just want the focus to be on the health of the hair, not the
length of it. Besides, healthy hair will grow.

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