Sunday, July 26, 2009


I feel lovely. I had some shots of vodka, then I mixed apple juice and vodka and drank that(a pretty big cup), and when I get home I'm gonna have a Smirnoff XBT. My tolerance is high so I'm not even tipsy yet. I just feel relaxed, and I'm looking forward to enjoying an evening with my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I get stared at a lot. I don't know why. Maybe you can explain it to me. I will post a picture of us on my blog. Sundays are bittersweet. Its a relaxing day, but it also signifies the end of the weekend. Which means my boo has to return to her job aka the plantation. Ok so in addition to my alcohol tolerance being high, I also sober up quickly. This is a good thing most of the time, but a bad thing when I intentionally get buzzed and actually want to keep that buzz. That's all for now. I shall return.

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