Monday, July 27, 2009


So this morning I'm in the car with Meghan, headed to the train station. We get to a red light. And this old man is crossing the street. He waves at us and smiles. Now there is nothing wrong with that. But he does it all slowly and suggestively, and he's staring at us. I mean he is all up in the car. He even turned around to keep looking. Smh. I swear my girlfriend and I get stared at all the time, whether we're together or alone. I'm headed to my mom's house to do my cousin's hair for school. I stopped at CVS to pick up some snacks because hair takes a long time(she wants individuals) and I need to eat Something before I take my vitamins. So I'm in the store. I get stared at the whole time I'm in the store. By men and women. And I think this man was following me. Ugh. Anyway, I have been thinking about my poetry a lot, but that's nothing new. I really miss Java Monkey, but I told myself that I can't do a poem at an open mic until I have it menorized. Each time I share me poetry with an audience, I want to treat it like a slam. I figure that is the best way for me to improve as a performance poet. Once I get better with my delivery I will start working on my spoken word album. I'm excited about it! I know its gonna be hot shit. I wonder how my first day in the classroom will be.

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