Monday, August 23, 2010


With those eyes
You've made me untouchable.
Focused on me
With clothes left intact
You undressed me
Peeled away layers of my being
No one else looks at me like That.
Your eyes tell me I'm beautiful
In my ugliest moments
The good in you
Sees the God in me.

With those lips
You've made me untouchable
Your lips say you love me
I believe them.
You confide in me confidently
You sing to me, perfectly off key
Your laughter...sweetness that turns lemons to lemonade
No other smile compares

With those hands
You've made me untouchable
Small, feminine
Always reaching out to me
Always seeking to connect with me
Using them to express nothing but love

With that heart
You've made me untouchable
The good in me
Sees the God in you
Eyes exuding genuineness touch me with sight
Lips speaking honesty touch me with words
Hands filled with trust touch me with appreciation
Hearts filled with love touch one another

You've made me untouchable
By anyone but you.

Thank you for touching me.

Shoot first, ask questions later..


  1. -snaps* This is just makes you look at love on another level, the intimate connection you genuine and I feel it.

  2. Very well composed. Loved the flow and how meaningful it was while reading. Love is powerful.