Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hair and other ish

I've had the urge to write lately. Beware of the randomness to follow.

I decided to semi freeform. I don't give a fuck about retwisting my hair. They are dreadlocks. They will be just fine. I'll just keep them clean and separated. I just think that less manipulation is better. Lately, I've been setting my hair on rods and wearing it curly. I freaking LOVE it. It's easy as hell and its looks like I really put effort into my hair. So, I must say that I am really loving and appreciating my locs. And, I've been getting a lot of compliments on it so that's cool.

I fucking love photography. Poetry and photography are fighting for my attention.

Anyway, stay tuned because I am going to post a poem and/or short story.
Shoot first, ask questions later..

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  1. Poem first. Then photography. Then a short story about poems in photography.