Monday, December 3, 2012

Still Sensing Want

Golden brown as if you were
Molded from clay then dipped in butter
Eyes almond with chocolate centers and
Lips plump like fruit ripe with sweetness
You are what want looks like

The scent of passion oozes from your being, spills from your pores
I pull you close so I can inhale you and I am
Intoxicated by the smell
The fragrance you wear is want

My north seeking to merge with your south because I am
Magnetically attracted to all of you
My hands explore every inch of you before
Coming to your center and settling there
With slip of fingers I am in you
Sliding in and out of glistening tightness and
The sensation of you
Gripping, encircling, wrapping around me
Is what want feels like

I place my mouth
Right above where my fingers stroke and I
Flat of tongue against round of clit
Lips kiss and caress your softness
Remove fingers from within so that
Tongue can replace them and I can
Taste your want

Moans and sighs reverberate in the
Trembling of your thighs before making their way out of your mouth and
I hear the sound of your want

Face between your thighs, submerged in you
Nothing exists but this sensing
Wanting you more even as I have you
Praising by eating and drinking of your body
I am
Never too proud to get on my knees before you
Humbled that I have the privilege to please you
I am grateful with all of my senses and
I will never stop wanting you.

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