Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sensing Want.

Want looks like

Rise and fall of chest
Fluttering of eyelids during sleep
Sunlight streaming through blinds and landing on angle of jaw
Blankets in beautiful disarray
Space between parted thighs

Want feels like

Flicking of eyelashes against cheek
Hand on small of back
Kisses on base of spine
Fingers tangled in hair
Palm gliding against flesh of thigh
Lips pressed against nape of neck
Caresses on back of knee

Want smells like

Lingering aroma of soap after morning shower
Vanilla incense and coconut oil
Barely there scent of cologne at end of day
Wood burning in fireplace
Combined perspiration of two bodies

Want sounds like

Shallow breaths and quiet sighs
Alto intertwined with sultry melody
Carefree laughter and verbal chess
Whispered curses followed by whimpered praises
Growl low in throat and
Moans echoing off ceiling

Want tastes like

Salty earthiness or
Clean flavor of water

Like sweetness

Like you.

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