Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have so much to update you all on...

I haven't posted since February. Since then I have:

*Started a weight loss journey!

*Gotten older- I turned 22 on April 2nd

*Purchased a DSLR camera!

*Won an award (for "excellence in literature") at my was a cash award for $1000, which is why I was able to buy Eva (my camera)

*Moved to my new place with my girlfriend

*Launched a photography site

*Completed two summer courses

*Very recently, the gf was in an accident and the car was totaled so we are sin coche (without car)

*I have gone back to my church
*My hair has grown!

I think that's all for now...I will be updating you all on my weight loss journey :)
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  1. Good for you hun! Just discovered your blog, keep up the good work :) Sorry about your gf and the car wreck, is she okay?