Friday, October 9, 2009

Poetry: Carmex (oldie but goodie)

I'm kinda jealous of your Carmex

You want to know why?

Cause it's always in your pocket

Ready to be reapplied

Your lips are addicted to it

Always wanting more

As soon as you run out

You rush to the store

Cause you can't live without your Carmex

See, that's what I mean

I want your lips to be

That addicted to me

If I was Carmex

Would I stay on your lips

Make you smile

Provoke you to kiss

If I was Carmex

Would it be me your lips craved

Essentially making

Your mouth my slave

If I was Carmexv Would I have your lips hypnotized

Cause every time I glide over them

They're instantly moisturized

Well then call me Carmex

If that's what i must be

To have your lips

Covered in me

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