Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Response to "Kings Dream Today" video by Marcus Crowder

I decided to do a blog post responding to this video by my BRILLIANT friend Marcus Crowder since YouTube limits how much I can say.  Watch the video and develop your own opinion...this is mine.

"They [schools] produce deserts of isolated grains of sand...imagine a school system that took the time to cultivate your creative talents first..." This is the foundation for everything. School is the training ground whose sole purpose is to crank out millions of  people who will contribute to society. It would make sense for school to nurture the things that people are naturally good at instead of forcing the same regime on every single person, but then schools would be actually benefiting the people instead of merely functioning as a societal machine and we can't have that, now can we? The few schools that do nurture creativity and encourage the development of trades are frowned upon, seen as sub par and consequently receive less funding and support from the government.

With churches getting all of the communities' money and war getting all the money on a societal/larger economic scale, everybody is bound to be broke (except for the people behind the churches and the wars, which is often the same damn people!) Our society invests in things that have no return...if those resources were invested into the people then that would trigger a much more positive cycle than the destructive one we've been in for centuries.

"People don't know how to fall together." This is classic crabs in a barrel syndrome. We don't do anything together because competition is at the core of our society. When someone falls, we use that as an opportunity to use them as a step stool to get to our destination instead of uplifting them and travelling together...although we all know it's more efficient/safe/smart to carpool.

"Your survival should not be contingent upon your debt." It shouldn't be, but it is. That's capitalism for ya. Gotta love this capitalistic society we live in. Our entire lives revolves around debt. The things that are seen as important acquisitions in our society are all things that require credit. College is accompanied by student loans. Buying a house is accompanied by a mortgage. That Lexus has a car note; that Prada purse is purchased with a MasterCard. Our credit score is an indicator of our worth, because, as far as capitalism is concerned, your worth is based on your buying power.

All of the above is a response to the first three and a half minutes (out of nearly twelve) of the video. Needless to say, it is worth watching.

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