Monday, November 9, 2009

My morning thoughts

I'm on the train right now, standing up. It isn't ridiculously crowded, but I really don't want to sit with a stranger. I'm not in a particularly great mood. This guy spoke to me this morning; i just knew he was about to segway into some pick up lines. When I responded to him I'm sure my voice reeked of my bad attitude. That makes me think of my math teacher. One day we were walking past one another and as she walked by she looked at me and said "Smile, why don't you?" or some shit like that. I wasn't against smiling, but as I go throughout my day I don't just walk around with a big ass smile on my face all day. In addition to that, am I not entitled to be in a bad mood sometimes? Damn. Everything is not peachy in my life, and I know it could be worse, but just because that's the case doesn't mean that I'm not at all worried or troubled. Another thing, I have said this many times before, but it continues to happen so it still gets on my nerves: I hate when people stare at me! It is rude as hell. I guess I'm just venting. I don't feel too great and Marta damn sure is not improving my mood or my health. Well maybe my health a little, since I walk more now (I don't have a choice). But that's not the point lol. The point is that I am not pleased with the day so far, and it just started. Maybe later I will feel better.

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